Research Center of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

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Research Center of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis (RCCMFD), is affiliated to Southeast University. RCCMFD has a strong research team with 6 academic staff, several part-time researchers, 8 PhD students and over 20 master students.

In recent years, RCCMFD has been working on the development of fault diagnosis for industries, providing on-line condition monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis systems for turbogenerators and turbo compressors in the major Chinese power,  chemical and iron steel plants. The center has accomplished successfully several funded projects from Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF) and other funding organisations and its achievements have been awarded at several ministry- and province-levels for the progress in science and technology. Over 300 papers have been published by this centre.

RCCMFD has also delivered tens of teaching courses for both postgraduate students and undergraduate students. In the last decade, more than 20 students got their PhD degree and 30 of students got their master degree from this center. RCCMFD also held successfully an international symposium on intelligent manufacturing in 1995, 2000.